Manufacturing processing

Visiting Taiwan From Japan

Factory Eguipment Introduction

Testing Machine Introduction

w Core business

The manufacturer and processing of plastic material and composite material, manufacturer and distribution, import

 and export trading.


w Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), Polyethylene(PE),TPR,Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), SBS, SEBS,

    TPE, Crushing material and recyclable pellet…etc, mix, plastic compounding and manufacturing under special



w Product itemPowerful non-slip mat for vehiclesfit with car, it has high models of viscoelasticity     

    Safety non-slip mat (This product is suitable for bathrooms and It has good looking and strong slip effect)



1.    Supply products and processes that can be manufactured, distributed, used, and recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner by most cost effective, efficient and rational way to prevent the pollution of air, water, and land as well as waste eliminated.

2.    Environmental policies, programs, and practices must be integrated into each business function and operation by divided the factories into three divisions : Disposal Material Processing Division, Disposal Reproduce Division and Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber (green plastic) Manufacture Division

3.    Strictly quality control in imported material and technology incurred.

4.    Establish research seminar for knowledge sharing with Japan supplier every a year in regard to the product quality, know-how technology and environmental protection … etc.

5.    Provide highest value customer service performance and dependability to meet or exceed customer demands
Develops innovative materials that can be substitutes for existing products that deplete the earth’s natural resources.

6.    Operate with continued commitment to the recycled plastic product’s quality, value and reliability by professional, highly automated and computerized control in order to help our client’s growth as well develop cost-saving manufacturing opportunities.

Mission and vision

1.    Empower our employees to attain higher levels of growth and achievement through training and education

2.    Strive to achieve the best practices in the areas of corporate governance and management.

3.    Building, deploying and leveraging superior service delivery

4.    Implementing world-class processes to enhance product diversity.

5.    Continue to pursue all opportunities for growth to achieve globally competitiveness and nurturing globalization capabilities in products promotion.

6.    Determined to build upon and remain committed to strengthening the relationship with sub-contractor, work together in research and development to firm the way of long-lasting business establishment.




      Reinforce full employee training and management system

      High service and develops product diversification.

      Marketing of self-owned brand and heave our competitively

      Plan to development in Green building and heave vital functions

      Expect other field cooperation and property sustainable development.

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